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Highlights Of PRAN Fertility Unit

Highlights Of PRAN Fertility Unit


The limitation of ART treatment is the high cost which cannot be afforded by the common people who cannot otherwise also meet their two ends together. We have developed a new protocol by which ART can be done with limited expense to desired couple.


The key of ART is the embryologist who does the laboratory aspect of ART. Because of the lack of embryologists in Kerala, Centres use to hire the embryologists from outside and the ART is done according to the embryologists convenience. We have the facility of the embryologist round the clock, so there will not be any need for waiting for the ART treatment.


A healthy family breeds a peaceful environment. Any form of ill- health in any of the members in the family could create an internal chaos among the other members. Likewise, people in general, expects an ongoing medical support and integrated health care continuing throughout their ages, emphasizing a lasting and caring patient- practitioner relationship. Here comes the need of the unit of family medicine. PRAN extends a very supportive family medicine unit where in our proficient family physician takes care of wide-ranging health interventions keeping an earnest relationship with the patients, guarding their dignity, respect and confidentiality.Family medicine incorporates all ages, sexes, each organ system and every disease entity.


‘Prevention is better than cure’! Adolescent period is the most vulnerable phase in life where as a proper guidance and an early intervention could help an adolescent to keep the right track.Adolescent problems, psychological as well as physiological are often neglected. It could bring about long lasting adverse effect if proper diagnosis and intervention is not done. Therefore, PRAN forms the room for intervening in psycho- physiological concerns such as anemia, hypothyroidism, PCOD, eating disorder, hypertension, substance abuse, depression, learning disorder etc. Our adolescent clinic facilitates suitable guidance for adolescents in developing and maintaining accurate dietary and fitness habits.


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) method is a bliss for the infertile couples as it helps them in shaping a new life despite the numerous failed efforts.However, couple who belong to low economic family background have to face a challengeas the expense for IVF in India is very high. This is due to the expensive drugs and various tests associated with it. PRAN extends a genuine helping hand by promoting IVF treatment at an affordable rate which suits the ‘budget’ of couples from poor family back ground.


Andrology, the male counterpart to gynecology,is the branch of medicine concerned with men’s health, particularly male infertility and sexual dysfunction. PRAN offers an unconditional support for men by assisting them in dealing with the andrology related concerns, in an empathetic frame. Here, they could acquire effective psychological assistance as most of the psychological apprehensions could lead to sexual dysfunctions like ‘fear of failure’, frigidity, impotence etc. Thus we support our male patients through the efficient service of a team which comprise of one of the renowned and accomplished expert in the field of andrology (he is also a specialized urologist). PRAN andrology clinic adopts various techniques in helping the male patients so as to assist the couples in achieving pregnancy, by means of the least invasive treatment possible.

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